New Leaven Summary for 2016


Summary of New Leaven Practicalities in Calendar Year, 2016

  1. Parish staff and volunteers will administer the New Leaven opportunity, beginning in 2016,
  2. New Leaven founders will lead an Information Session at The Parish, as mutually arranged.
  3. New Leaven is offered in (8) Modules for small groups that meet in homes at their own pace.
  4. Each Module covers 4 meetings, modeled on Alpha, addressing one of the transforming topics:
    • Spiritual Foundations
    • Family
    • Time
    • Work
    • Relationships
    • Body
    • Money
    • Mission
  5. As examples of small group scheduling, consider that each module calls for 4 meetings and it's best if a module is covered by meeting every week or every other week. Accordingly, a group might choose to do any of the following:
    • Cover 1 module by meeting 4 weeks in a row…then, take a break for one or more weeks and undertake another module over 4 weeks. (This might be a very common way of covering 4 modules in one year, operating primarily in the Winter & Fall seasons.)
    • Cover 1 module by meeting every other week, thus taking about 2 months per module. If the group also extended into the Summer months for one or more meetings, they could still cover from 3 to 4 modules within a year.
    • Cover individual modules in way that devotes more than 4 meetings to the topic, in order to put more prayer and discussion into the deliberate work of transformation.
    • Other variations are fine, although we try to never let more than a month pass without convening the group.
    • Experience shows that supplementing the "work meetings" of New Leaven transformation with occasional gatherings that are purely social, albeit prayerful, in nature is most wise. The groups will find that meeting occasionally without any agenda can add even more inter-personal depth to that which comes from "reweaving" our lives with the Gospel.
  6. The Parish recruits qualified small-group Leaders and participants
  7. New Leavens train the leaders in a 1-day workshop hosted by the Parish.
  8. New Leaven delivers the necessary binders and DVDs covering all 8 Modules, in the quantity that The Parish specifies
  9. The Parish proceeds with New Leaven as an ongoing parish ministry that complements their commitment to a "ministry of outpouring," such as Alpha, Life in the Spirit, ChristLife, etc.
  10. Beginning in 2017, we expect New Leaven materials to be marketed through a publishing house. The first 8 Modules will be supplemented by 5 other Modules covering the topics of:
    • Family Life
    • Charisms
    • Being Led by the Holy Spirit
    • Unbound, and the Spiritual Battle
    • Vital Communion
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