Costs to Implement


Purchasing New Leaven Services and Materials


  No charge for consultation.
    $200 - 1 hour information event at the parish (plus travel $)
    $400 - 3 hour training event at the parish (plus travel $)

DVD Videos

Program Talks - Set of 10 DVDs
    Covering all (9) Teaching Modules
    $200 - first set of (10) DVDs
    $150 - Each subsequent set of (10)

Training Talks - Set of 2 DVDs
    Presenting 3 Talks for training Pastoral Guides
    (and the whole Parish Team)
    $30 - Each set of (2) DVDs

Printed Materials

Participants Guide
157-pg manual for each Participant covering all 9 modules of transformation
$20 - per manual

Parish Supplement
25-pg manual for Parish Team, including text of 3 Training Talks
$5 - per manual  

Placing an Order

please post your order via email to:
Mr. Ed Connolly,
New Leaven Materials Manager

In your order, please specify number of Participant Guides or Parish Supplements and number of Program Sets or Training Sets of DVDs (i.e., 10-disc or 2-disc sets, respectively.) Specify the parish or group and the shipping address. For tax-free purchase, please specify your 9-digit, tax-exempt, EIN #xx-xxxxxxx. Checks made out to "New Leaven, Inc."